Development, design and production of single-purpose machines, equipment
and preparations

Additional production

An integral part of the additional production is to equip our machines with accessories (eg. tanks, brackets, carts, racks, work chairs) designed for best ergonomics workplace. We also offer other equipment for workshops and stores, all in atypical piece or series production (eg. work tables, carts, racks, lockers, etc.).

All these products are available in a wide variety of surface finishes (comaxit, hot-dip galvanizing or blackening or color anodization). We use quality aluminum modular systems, metallurgical materials, aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc. We also supply machined parts and components.

  • Development

    Technical studies and solutions for specific requirements

  • Design

    Creation and processing in 3D

  • Production

    Realization and delivery of complete projects

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